Help us change lives and start a school library in Uganda by hosting a book drive at your school. Our goal is to collect approximately 1,000 books for each of our Ugandan school partners. Hosting a book drive is fun (and easy!). All you have to do is host an assembly for Reading World founder Amy Azzarito. At the assembly, she’ll talk about the life in Uganda, education and how students can help. After the book drive, a Reading World will come pick up, sort and ship the books. It’s that easy. Not only will your book drive have a huge impact on students on the other side of the world, but also on your own students.

Mia was so moved by the fact that there are children in this world that do not have a school to attend nor books to read. She came home on Friday and cleaned out her own bookshelf, but felt she needed to do more. Saturday she used her credit at a store and purchased another 15 or so more books. She still feels like she did not get enough for the children at Daystar school in Uganda. So on Sunday, she went door-to-door and told people in the neighborhood about her project and collected even more books. We even collected adult books and have it worked out with a used bookstore to trade those books for children’s books….

She is adamant in collecting as many books as she can and has received such pleasure and joy in the thought of helping others.

Thank you for giving her this opportunity.
— Sutterville Elementary School parent

So if you're a teacher, principle or parent who would like to help collect books for a needy school in Uganda, let us know!