The Books Hit the Open Seas

It's been a whirlwind couple of months! After an amazing book driving at Bridgeway Island Elementary School, our books have set sail for our three target schools in Uganda! (Watch our video to learn more about the project!) 

It took some time for the cargo container to be inspected, but they have finally left the Port of Oakland for their journey around the world. They are sailing on the cargo ship, Cosco Glory! This is a ship that was built in 2011 by Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world's largest ship building company headquartered in South Korea. And this is one massive ship! (She is 366m length overall and beam of 48m!) She is traveling at 24.6 knots (which is basically equal to 27 miles per hour). She'll carry the books to Shanghai.

No non-stop luxury for these books. When they get to Shanghai (on February 26), they'll be taken off the boat and put on board the Maersk Cubango to Singapore. Built in 2012, she is a little smaller than the first ship and travels on 11 knots. (That's 12 miles/hour - definitely a slow boat!). When the books, reach Singapore, they'll be loaded onto the CSCL Brisbane and then it's off to Mombasa, Kenya!

The CSCL Brisbane is an older ship (she was built in 2005) and she'll be heading toward Kenya at 14 knots (That's 16 mi/hour). She is scheduled to get our books safely to Kenya on March 26! Once there, our books will go through customs (fingers crossed that they don't get stuck!) and then they'll make the overland journey to Uganda! 

We are still raising money to cover the shipping costs. If you'd like to help contribute to the 501c3 email

You can track our container here (tracking: TRLU7426839. And the ship links above take you to vessel tracker, which should enable you to see the ships on maps and chart their journey! 

Amy AzzaritoComment